Kareem Abdul Jabbar
NBA All-Time Leading Scorer, Six-Time World Champion, Six-Time MVP

“You gave great advice that makes sense and is so simple! Thanks again for all your help with my Campbell’s Chunky commercial.”



Doug Jackson,  Guitarist with the five-time, Grammy Award nominated band, Ambrosia, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Dave Mason, Al Stewart, Roberto Carlos, Bill Champlin, Edgar Winter, Stephen Bishop, Gary Wright.

I have struggled with stage fright all of my life. Debilitating, paralyzing, irrational fear. Stephen has spoken profound truth to me and has been my coach in helping me experience freedom and joy when performing in front of people. He has helped me immensely and I am grateful. I highly recommend him to anyone who desires to be free of the mental and emotional lies that prevent one from functioning at their highest level. Thank you, Stephen. YOU ROCK!!!

Trevor Blake
New York Times Bestselling Author, “Three Simple Steps”

“Above all other things, Stephen is authentic, and his integrity flows over into how he structures and runs his business. He is more interested in the success of his client than in his own needs and that brings results and a high level of satisfaction. In the last ten years I have built four successful virtual companies and hired probably close to a hundred consultants from time to time. That this is the first endorsement I have made on linkedin should tell you everything. It is true to say that Stephen is now a friend more than he is a consultant to me, but such relationships come only from experiencing total quality, consistently.”

Dan Heller
Executive Vice President Sales at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

“Creating and delivering effective live presentations isn’t easy….and in the age of Covid and virtual presentation , the task is even harder. We enlisted Stephen to coach our sales and marketing teams on how to effectively present in front of that virtual camera. What I look for in a coach, Stephen provided and more. He accentuates the positive to build confidence but also identifies the areas of improvement each presenter needs. His very unique background imbues him with truly original techniques you won’t find anywhere else. He is 100 percent present and his full-fledged commitment to each member of the team, helped us deliver a top notch distributor summit! Thank you Stephen!!”

Francis Perrin

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Ste Michelle Wine Estates

“I engaged Stephen to coach our entire team of speakers for our annual distribution summit – the pivotal meeting where we present all of our marketing and business plans for the following year to our network of distributors. An audience of more than 500 executives plus about 1,000 of our employees. Our mission was to bring all of our internal and external stakeholders up to speed on our plans and the priorities for the following year to generate the crucial synergy necessary to meet and exceed our sales projections for the next year.

Stephen coached and worked individually with all speakers, from brand managers to the CEO. He introduced a truly unique and logical approach toward helping each presenter bring out their most authentic selves. He first introduced his intentions and concepts, coached them during rehearsals and ultimately, on the final recording. 

The result was truly fantastic! Thanks to him, every presenter delivered a dynamic presentation that was genuine and built on each individual’s unique personality and style of expression. They were able to bring forth excitement, conviction and true authenticity throughout the presentation. His significant contributions generated real and  measurable results for the organization. Importantly, these newly acquired skills are going to stay with each of our team members, for the rest of their careers.

I would recommend working with Stephen to any organization that wishes to invest in the fullest development of their teams and deliver authentic, breakthrough presentations.”

Linnea Hansen
Vice President of Brand Marketing and Communications, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

“I’m so very grateful for Stephen’s coaching, guidance and expertise. He led a seminar for our corporate executives and marketing directors to improve the engagement and impact in our presentations; mainly our most important B to B meeting of the year with distributor executives. The year prior, we had invested budget in a lot of fancy production, lighting and multiple cameras. But this year, we reallocated that budget to include Stephen’s unique work. It paid off ten fold! You can have all the fancy production equipment in the world, but it all comes down to the person in front of the camera! His coaching took all of our virtual presentations to another level of engagement using a cognitive, personal lecture style, 1:1 coaching and “hands-on” coaching the day of the recording: every take! This was definitely an investment in our business. But also an investment in our entire team toward their development as well. I grew personally and improved vastly from Stephen’s amazing coaching. I highly value his engagement and it was absolutely clear how much he wants us all to WIN. He learned our content, our meeting goals and dedicated himself to all of us, delivering. Thank you Stephen!”

Rachel McLish
2-Time Miss Olympia Bodybuilding Champion and Action Film Star:

“You made stepping in front of the cameras easy with the wonderful advice and insight you provided! Thanks again for all your great help”


Dr. Howard J. Fullman, MD

Medical Director and Chief of Staff at Kaiser Permanente, West Los Angeles:

“Thank you so much for all your great work preparing our physicians for the media launch of our new facility!” You were great in every way and were really sensitive with the doctors in helping them advance rapidly in their presentational skills. You helped make the launch a great success and we’ll call upon you again!”

Ron Seubert

Chief Executive Officer, Applied Precision, Inc.:

“Your practical, enthusiastic approach made such sense and you made it easy to communicate authentic passion for what we’ve accomplished here at Applied Precision in public formats.”

Stephen Yamada-Heidner

Principal at Olson Kundig Architects:

“Stephen was hired to provide presentation and public speaking coaching to selected group of members of our staff. Drawing from his presentational coaching experience as well as casting/theatrical work, he directed the individual staffers to draw on their own personalities and personal experiences in their speaking styles. This in-house course was well received. We look forward to doing more with Stephen.”

A Michael Adams
President and Principal, Adams Financial Concepts; host Friday 4-5pm “About Money” Show AM1300 KKOL; Board SIFF:

“Even if you are a sophisticated accomplished orator, it is imperative you use Steve as a media coach. He spent several sessions of three hours video taping and coaching me. If my radio program has been a success, and I believe it has been, so much of the credit goes to Steve. His insights, understanding, direction, and wisdom have been key to an effective program. If anything Steve is underpaid for the value he brings through coaching.”

Ann Marie Pomerinke
Cheif Executive Officer American Cancer Society Western Regional:

“Stephen, I can’t thank you enough for all your great help in making my regional address, a great success. You were so easy to work with and had such insight! You actually made the process fun! Thanks again.”